Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

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Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd. has developed small-sized VLRA batteries as power supply units for many applications since 1959. Since then, Shin-Kobe has been implementing enhancements to adapt to changing times and technologies. Over time, compactedness and high discharge performance have driven Shin Kobe's market growth and adaptability.

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VRLA Batteries at Daitron

Diatron distributes high-performance sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries manufactured by Hitachi Shin-Kobe. These batteries use lead and lead dioxide plates immersed in an electrolyte solution to store and release electrical energy. VRLA batteries are sealed and designed to be maintenance-free, meaning they do not require regular addition of water or electrolyte replenishment. Compact and reliable, sealed lead acid batteries from Hitachi Shin-Kobe provide a dependable solution for industrial applications.

Advantages of Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries

SLA batteries are designed with a sealed enclosure, which prevents the electrolyte inside the battery from leaking or spilling. This sealed construction makes them maintenance-free and allows for safe use in demanding applications. SLA batteries are also rechargeable, meaning they can be charged multiple times throughout their lifespan.
SLA batteries feature a relatively low cost compared to other rechargeable battery technologies. They also offer a high energy density, allowing them to store significant electrical energy in a compact size. SLA batteries have a good tolerance for high discharge rates and can deliver high currents when necessary.

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