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Discover liquid leaks before they cause harmful environmental or structural damage. Leak detection sensors can reveal liquid leaks from water to harsh chemicals so you can minimize considerable damage and loss of liquid.  Using no moving parts, our liquid leak detection sensors use the scattering of infrared light via photo-refraction to detect the presence of liquid regardless of viscosity, reflectivity, or color of the liquid.
As a liquid leak detector supplier, Daitron carries a selection of liquid leak sensors that offer the functionality and reliability needed in a liquid monitoring component.  With decades of experience, our manufacturer T&T has the liquid process knowledge and leak detection proficiency you can trust.

Liquid Leak Detection Sensor Benefits

  • Liquid detection regardless of viscosity, reflectivity, or color
  • No moving parts
  • Uses infrared photo-refractor principle based on light refraction
  • Designed for safety and reliability
  • Watertight IP67 construction
  • UL certified (File #E202019, ANSI/UL 1951)
  • CE certified
  • Economical Polypropylene (PP) construction option
  • High purity PFA construction option for harsh chemical applications (Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid, Ammonia, Fluorinert, etc.)
  • NOT rated to operate in a hazardous potentially explosive environment
  • Applications: Semiconductor equipment, washing machines, LCD units, cleanrooms, dew condensation, air-conditioners, chiller equipment system, facilities check, etc.

Liquid Leak Detection Products


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With over 30 years of industrial component experience, Daitron offers you high-quality leak detector solutions. Our water leak detection experts are here to help you select the best sensor for your application needs.
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