Leak Detection Sensor for Liquids

Discover liquid leaks before they cause harmful environmental or structural damage with Daitron's commercial leak detection sensors. Our liquid leak detection sensors reveal leaks from all liquids, including water, harsh chemicals, and other fluids. These reliable sensors do not require moving or mechanical components. Instead, they use the scattering of infrared light via photo-refraction to detect the presence of liquid regardless of the liquid's viscosity, reflectivity, or color.

Note: These components are not intended for use with flammable liquids.

Liquid Chemical & Water Leak Detection Sensors from Daitron

Our commercial leak detection sensors offer a range of advanced features to ensure precise and reliable performance. These sensors operate on the principle of infrared photo-refraction, utilizing light refraction to accurately detect liquids, regardless of viscosity, reflectivity, or color. They feature a robust design with no moving parts, providing NPN or PNP transistor digital output signals for easy integration.

Designed with safety and reliability, they feature watertight IP67 construction and hold UL (File #E202019) and CE certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Our liquid detection sensors are available with Polypropylene (PP) construction and a high-purity Teflon PFA construction for harsh chemical environments.

KP Series Low-Cost Leak Detector Sensor

The KP Series Leak Detect Sensor is a reliable, cost-effective sensor. It includes an optical interlock function and a built-in amplifier.

LUP Series Compact Leak Detector Sensor

The LUP Series Compact Leak Detector Sensor features a PNP output type and built-in amplifier, providing reliable performance for compact applications.

TFP Series Teflon Chemical Resistant Leak Detector Sensor

The TFP Series Teflon Chemical Resistant Leak Detector Sensor is constructed with Teflon for chemical resistance and features a PNP output type and a built-in amplifier.

Liquid Leak Detection Equipment for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our commercial leak detection sensors allow industrial users to quickly identify leaks in pipelines, tanks, and other critical equipment, helping prevent costly environmental damage, production downtime, and safety hazards. By enabling early identification of leaks, these sensors enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs for industrial applications. Specific applications for our commercial leak detection sensors include:
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Washing machines
  • LCD units
  • Cleanrooms
  • Dew condensation
  • Air-conditioners
  • Chiller Equipment Systems
  • Facilities check
  • Industrial Water Leak Detection
  • NOT RATED to operate in any hazardous, potentially explosive environment

Brief video showing the basic operation of liquid leak detection sensor:

Leak Detection Sensor Resources

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