Deionized Water Technology and Filtration System

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The precise control of the liquid flow rate in the ultra high purity / ultra clean technology (UHP/UCT) field is made possible by DI water, chemical, and slurry valves, regulators and manifolds.


Based on over 25 years of experience, Daitron valves, manifolds, regulators, and spray guns are the highest quality custom made high purity components. Manufacturing based on established technologies combine with custom components and forward-thinking R&D capabilities to provide unique flow control capabilities. Whether it be a manual or air operated on/off valve, an analog control valve, a back pressure regulator, pressure stabilization, multidirectional fluid dispensing manifold, inline mixers, high resolution needle valves, economical injection molded valves, or a quick dump rinse valve, the solution is here.
Additionally, high purity water and air spray guns utilize durable rugged parts which combine to extend the lifetime of these spray guns.

Contact us for information regarding our valves, regulators, and manifolds. Daitron is a worldwide distributor of flow control components.