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Industrial automation technology is designed to understand and identify numerous types of physical or electrical progressions within an environment. Sensors and alarm warning devices for industrial automation play a significant role in providing automatized solutions to a wide range of industries. Industrial automation connectivity solutions allow for proper analysis, detection, and measurements within numerous unique environments.

Daitron is a leading industrial automation distributor of a wide range of products for your factory automation and MRP requirements. We offer signal tower beacons and audible warning alarms from Patlite as well as Panasonic Industrial Sensors. 
Contact us for more information regarding our industrial factory automation solutions. You can also call us at 503-682-7560 and we will be happy to assist with any questions that you may have. We are an industry leading industrial automation.

Patlite for Industrial Automation

Patlite industrial automation systems provide the industry’s most comprehensive selection of signal towers, cube towers, rotating warning lights, voice synthesizers, and audible alarms.  Patlite’s automation sensor technology provides an effective way to communicate the status of a machine.

Palite Industrial Factory Automation Solutions Features

Patltie is Japan’s largest manufacturer of visible and audible warning devices, leading the world in this industry in factory automation products. Patlite has one of the most diverse visible device product lines, making them an ideal choice for any factory automation lighting requirement. Some of the features of Palite’s industrial automation sensor connectivity solutions include:
  • Easy programmability
  • Continuous flashing options
  • Connects directly to a PC
  • Two selectable single-tone alarms
  • Built-in reset switch
  • Double reflection LED system
  • Red, yellow and green light configuration

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