Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply

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Low noise power supply solutions provide all the necessary power that is required for your application to perform to its manufactured capabilities, without the annoying and distracting elements usually associated with these products.
Daitron’s ultra-low noise AC/DC power supply provides exceptional power supply switching capabilities. When compared to other types of larger more expensive linear power supply products, our AC DC power supply provides an Ultra Low Noise output that is quiet. Daitron’s low noise DC power supply provides high-efficiency, smaller footprint, requiring fewer components and is available within a cost effective price range when compared with other high end noise sensitive applications within the medical and Industrial markets.
Contact us for more information regarding our ultra low noise DC power supply products and other electronic products. Daitron Incorporated is a premier manufacturer and distributor of low noise power supply solutions. For more information, please submit an inquiry or contact us directly toll-free in the USA at 888-324-8766.

Ultra Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply Features

Daitron is a principal supplier of low noise AC/DC power supply products within the electronics industry. We offer high-quality AC DC power supply sources and other electronic products with unparalleled customer support. Some of the beneficial features that separate our ultra low noise AC/DC power supply products from the competitors include:
  • Ultra Low Ripple & Noise
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Small & Light weight
  • Cost Efficiency
  • High Efficiency
  • RoHS Free, Vinyl Chloride Free, Halogen Free
  • Meet Safety Standards (UL, CSA, EN, PSE)

Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply Comparison Factors

In the power supply industry, there have historically been the Linear power supplies and the Switching power supplies, both with their benefits and issues. The goal of creating the Daitron Low Noise power supply was to include the benefits but leave the issues behind, please refer to our ultra low noise AC/DC power supply comparison chart below.
  Linear PS Switching PS Daitron ps
Noise Very Low High Very Low
Leakage Current Very Low High Very Low
Size Big Small Small
Weight Heavy Light Light
Component Count Low High Low
Price High Low Competitive

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