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Lithium coin cell and SLA battery products are specifically designed to provide portable power for a wide range of products and devices. Lithium coin cell batteries are disc-shaped, extremely light and are ideal for devices that do not require a lot of power. Lithium coin cells are also relatively safe, inexpensive and provide a long shelf life. Sealed lead acid batteries provide portable power for applications that require greater amounts of power and are generally maintenance-free, leak-proof and position insensitive.
Daitron is a distributor and manufacturer of products to fill a variety of your power needs and delivery requirements. We distribute and stock batteries from small coin cells to sealed lead acid, and offer power supplies for a variety of applications. Whatever your power requirements, Daitron can help you choose the best solution for your project needs.

Lithium Coin Cell and SLA Battery Supplies

Lithium coin cell and SLA power systems require the use of approved lithium coin cell or sealed lead-acid batteries, depending on your device’s powering requirements. At Daitron, we offer numerous lithium coin cell and sealed lead acid battery options to assist you with your specific powering requirement needs.

Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

Daitron is the North American stocking distributor of bulk packaged Murata and Renata lithium coin cell batteries. We offer bulk packaged Murata and Renata lithium coin cell batteries in standard and tabbed models to suit most devices. These batteries are used in applications such as RFID tags, calculators, blood glucose monitors, PCB, and small micro RF devices. In addition, Daitron can cater to your specific needs by stocking and supplying any desired quantity, which eliminates long factory lead times and frustrating shipment delays.  

Lithium Coin Cell Battery Advantages

Small-sized lithium coin cell batteries are often utilized for applications that require small amounts of power. Their coin-sized shape allows them to be easily inserted into watches and small electronic devices. Other direct benefits that lithium coin cell batteries provide include:
  • Outstanding temperature characteristics
  • Excellent Leakage Resistance
  • Lightweight, High Voltage and High Energy Density
  • Excellent Discharge Characteristics
  • Good long-term reliability 

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

SLA batteries have been in use for well over 100 years. They are reliable, rugged, and inexpensive. At Daitron, we feature high-performance Shin-Kobe sealed lead-acid batteries. The Shin-Kobe line of SLA batteries provides a compact high, which continues to be the driving force behind Shin Kobe's growth and adaptability within the marketplace.

SLA Battery Advantages

There is a wide range of beneficial qualities that sealed lead acid batteries possess. The main advantages of an SLA battery, include:
  • High specific power
  • Good extreme-temperature performance
  • Inexpensive
  • Low cost per watt-hour
  • Can produce high discharge currents

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