Medical Vision Imaging Equipment and Technology

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With technological advances propelling the medical device industry forward, medical imaging equipment continues to produce innovative diagnostic products for a wide range of medical procedures and application uses.

Daitron has advanced imaging solutions for your medical vision needs from cameras and recorders to printers and monitors. We have medical vision imaging equipment to fit almost any application in the market. Our extensive inventory includes some of the most popular diagnostic imaging manufacturers in the North American and Asian markets.

Our selection of high-quality medical vision equipment includes:

  • Medical Imaging Cameras - Ideal for microscopy and other medical procedures requiring high-quality imaging.
  • Medical Monitors - Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. Multiple picture formats are available.
  • Medical Printers - Reliable printers manufactured specifically for medical imaging.
  • Medical Recorders - Offered in several different styles with HD video recording capabilities.

Benefits of Medical Imaging Machines

Medical imaging equipment requires not only advanced technology but also requires durability that can withstand patient and medical personnel hazards and potential fluid splashes. Imaging equipment should also offer safe, effective diagnostics for all users. Advanced medical imaging equipment has provided innovative solutions that include the following benefits:
  • High-resolution images for complex surgeries
  • Medical imaging can provide a better diagnosis
  • Accurate and safe imaging with reduced radiation
  • Medical imaging files can be stored via cloud-based software for increased data privacy

Daitron Medical Imaging Advantages

As a medical imaging equipment supplier, Daitron has been one of the biggest Sony distributors in the US. We have the capabilities to create stocking programs for our clients, based on long-term needs and order commitments. While we carry in-stock items, our lead times run from 2-4 weeks.

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Our medical imaging device inventory includes high-performance imaging equipment built with the durability and quality you can depend on. Discuss your medical imaging requirements or request a quote for your imaging solution today.