Wafer Fabrication Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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High-quality processing equipment for semiconductive materials, including PV, are made by Daitron. We have been in the industry for over 25 years, providing high-precision equipment from ingot processing to final inspection.

Daitron Incorporated is the premier manufacturer and distributor for wafer beveling machines and wafer edge grinders, click on the products below to learn more.

Processes Daitron can contribute to are as follows:

  • Slurry recycling system
  • Ingot cropping
  • Ingot grinding
  • Ingot slicing
  • Wafer edge grinding/bevelling
  • Lapping
  • Polishing
  • Edge measuring and inspection
  • Metrology tools

Wafer Processing Capital Equipment

The manufacturers Daitron represents include IHI, Nachi Fujikoshi, Fujikoshi Machinery, Daitron (formerly Emtec), Daitron Technology, Kobelco, TSKK, and others.

Known as the leading industry expert, Daitron has been providing high accuracy wafer edge grinders specifically designed for grinding and polishing  bevels on semiconductive wafer edges for over 25 years. We provide quality wafer edge profiles at an affordable cost. 

Please Contact us for more information or call us directly in the USA at 503-682-7560.