Value Added

subway train going through cityscapeCustom cable and component assemblies
  • heavy industrial applications both in length and gauge
  • wire and cable harnesses for commercial rail transportation
  • sub-assemblies and control panel wiring work
  • assemblies incorporating electronic components
  • custom kitting
Daitron's Value Added Assembly Division is located in Lincoln, Nebraska in an effort to centralize our production to meet the demands of our customer base nationwide. Daitron's Value Added Assembly Division has evolved over the years and adapted our core strength to large cable harness assemblies, both in length and gauge, for highly complicated applications. Our most recent projects include harness production for commercial rail transportation as well as large industrial robotics systems.

Daitron's expertise however is not limited solely to these heavy industrial applications. We have the capability to support a wide range of custom cable and harness assembly, as well as sub-assembly and panel wiring work, assemblies with electronic components, and custom kitting requirements for low to mid-volume projects of high complexity. Please contact the Value Added Assembly Division to help you with your next cable or electronics assembly requirement.

For value added assembly solutions, trust your cable harness services to Daitron Incorporated. We provide you with custom cable assembly that fits your exact specifications! Contact us to find out more!

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