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Sakura Tech has been concentrating on the development of imaging sensors using Ultra-wideband technology, developing microwave/millimeter-wave sensors since it was founded in October 2008. Conventional electric wave sensors are fixed types and can measure only one direction. Our company suggested a core technology of scanning by changing the direction of the beam. By simplifying the extremely complicated circuit it was possible to develop a never-seen-before electric wave sensor with high accuracy and low cost.

Different from infrared sensors, electric wave sensors can detect motion and even speed can be applied to radar for automobiles, intrusion survey radars, medical radars, and nursing care robots, and the range of applications is huge.

woman walking in city with sensor functions shown


car sensor detecting car behind on the road
Automotive radar            
Infrastructure radar shown in an intersection
Infrastructure radar for an intersection 
image of drone in motion
for Drone         
(altitude and obstacle detection) 
warehouse with equipment in it
Motion  Security system
black and white robot
for robot
(detection of obstacle)
outline of a person with heartbeat & breathing senor lines shown
Vital sensor
(heartbeat & breathing) 
is a 24 GHz Radar Sensor Module that can specify the azimuth angle for a target. This radar module is suitable for various applications, such as safe driving, the security of buildings, and social welfare service robots. Its adopted MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) radar technology allows azimuth detection with high accuracy and a wider range.

The module is capable of receiving power and processing radar signals via USB connection from a PC and undergoing field tests rapidly and easily with the evaluation kit included in a set with the evaluation software.
 Specifications - 
Radar methodology: MIMO FMCW 24 GHz (ARIB-STD-T73)
Antenna: 2 Tx, 4 Rx
Azimuth detection range: ±45°
Scan speed: 0.1 s (max) on Microsoft Surface 3
Range of detection: 60 m (min) within Car detection case
Output power: -4/2/8 dBm (3 levels)
Module size: 76 mm (H)×104 mm (W)×6 mm (D), (including MIMO antenna)
Interface: USB2.0, Micro B connector
Power supply: +5 VDC, 1.5 A (max), powered via USB connector
Operating temperature range: -20ºC to 60ºC