Special Use Cameras

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Monitor large areas or high-traffic areas with the surveillance capabilities you need with a PTZ camera or block camera. Block cameras and PTZ cameras offer high-resolution and video capture capabilities that make them well-suited for a variety of industrial purposes. Or view a specified work station for QA/QC with our Work Inspection Camera.

For our application specific cameras please select Medical Vision or Machine Vision

Block Cameras

Also known as zoom module cameras or compact module cameras, block cameras are ideal for a variety of industrial uses. They are ideal for low vision environments and have the capability of wide image field/area scanning. Block cameras use exceptional zoom lenses that make them a preferred choice for industrial and security settings.
Common block camera applications include:
  • UAV camera applications
  • Drone camera applications
  • Surveillance applications
  • Security purposes
  • Remote learning
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Traffic monitoring

PTZ Cameras

With pan, tilt, and zoom options, PTZ cameras offer high-quality, high-speed images. PTZ cameras are ideal in environments where the camera can detect motion and pan or tilt to prevent blind spots from capturing activity.
PTZ cameras are ideal for the following applications:
  • Video conferencing
  • Distance learning
  • Surveillance
  • Courtroom camera purposes

Our inventory of PTZ cameras includes high-resolution HDMI and analog Sony cameras.

Order a Special Use Camera

We have the high-resolution cameras you need. For more information on our products, including Sony block cameras and PTZ cameras and Work Inspection Camera, contact us or request a quote