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Ultra high purity control for DIW, clean liquid, chemical, and slurry supply.  As the official North American master distributor, Daitron is your source for Advance quality UHP (Ultra High Purity) and UCT (Ultra Clean Technology) fluoropolymer valves for the chemical, slurry, and semiconductor manufacturing industries.
ADVANCE ELECTRIC is a leading liquid control components manufacturer for the semiconductor industry worldwide. For over 30 years they have been delivering innovative technology by providing high quality customized components through their global distribution organization. Extensive knowledge and experience with fluoropolymer materials allow unique solutions to customer process challenges.

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ADVANCE ELECTRIC has earned a superior reputation for reliability, based upon years of quality service in the medical equipment manufacturing industry as well as with the largest IC manufacturers in the world.
  • Custom manufacturing capability with flexible manufacturing and high precision machining technology.
  • Extensive Product Development resources and Technical support. (Japan, United States, and Korea)
  • Global distribution for major market areas. (USA, Europe, Asia)
  • High purity all fluoropolymer wetted material construction specifically for the UCT (ultra clean technology) field is our specialty.
  • High temperatures (up to 200C)

 The product line for high purity fluid handling products includes:

  • Highly accurate fluoropolymer diaphragm regulator (HICV series) 
  • Injection-molded fluoropolymer chemical pneumatic diaphragm valve (SAV and SAV+ series)
  • Injection-molded fluoropolymer chemical manual diaphragm valve (AV2 and AV3 series)
  • Compact static inline mixer (MX series)
  • High resolution (20+ turn) fluoropolymer needle valve (NP series)
  • Slurry supply fluoropolymer pump (IM series)
  • Non-particle UPW fluoropolymer valve (FV series)
  • High capacity quick dump rinse fluoropolymer valve (QDR series)
  • SS316 body solvent valves (PV series)
  • Medical and Analytical valves (AV series)