Specialty Electrical Connectors

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Daitron is a distributor and manufacturer of specialty electrical connectors to fill a variety of your specific connector requirements. Our in-stock connector devices include coax & circular, hermetic sealed, wire plugs, and custom wire connectors. With our warehouse location in Oregon, we offer nationwide shipping on all orders. Let Daitron help you with the best solution for your project needs.

Your Source for Coax & Circular, Hermetic Sealed & Custom Connector Devices

Contact us for more information. You can also call us at 503-682-7560, and we will be happy to assist with any questions you may have about your special connector needs.


Wire Plugs, Wire Connectors, & Other Electrical Connectors from Daitron

At Daitron, we distribute high-performance specialty connectors for various applications, including hermetic sealed and custom electrical connectors. Not sure which electrical connectors you require for your application? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in finding the best connector devices for your job.

Daitron Industrial Automation Connectors

Coax & Circular Connectors

Daitron is a worldwide distributor for numerous connector manufacturers. In North America, we represent Tajimi and Waka for high-frequency fiber optic, BNC, and waterproof coax and circular connectors as well as microwave coax components. We stock the high-quality connectors that you need to complete your projects quickly and easily.

Hermetic Sealed Connectors

Hermetic connectors are specialized electrical connectors designed to provide airtight and watertight connections between two or more components. This sealing capability is achieved through specialized sealing techniques and materials. Hermetic connectors are used for various high-performance applications, including aerospace components, military equipment, medical devices, oil and gas equipment, and more. They are often used in applications where electrical signals, power, or data transmission need to be maintained reliably and without the risk of contamination.

Custom-Made Electrical Connectors

At Daitron, we distribute custom Globetech connector devices for many industrial applications. Our connectors can be specially manufactured to meet customers' specifications, ensuring you obtain the best wire connectors for your application's requirements. Our custom-manufactured electrical connectors include:
  • High Current Connectors
  • Heat- Resistant Connectors
  • Vacuum Connectors
  • Special Purpose Connectors

Contact Us to Learn More About Our High-Performance Electrical Connectors

Contact Daitron for more information about our premium industrial-grade coax and circular, hermetic sealed connectors, wire plugs, and other custom electrical connectors. You can also request a quote for pricing information on special orders. At Daitron, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the high-performance components they need. Choose Daitron to supply your electrical connectors and plugs.