Specialty Power Supplies

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Nipron was founded in 1970 and has been a leading manufacturer of power supplies in Japan, including AC DC power supplies and medical power supplies.
  • Long Life
    • High reliable components and circuit design employed to achieve “10+ years product Life”
    • Long lifetime with higher efficiency (less heat)
    • Life expectancy 2x + for some models
  • High- Reliability Design
    • Nipron designs to withstand high temperature and vibration
    • Nipron uses double-sided through hole PCBs even for small capacity units to withstand vibration
  • Low Leakage Current
    • Nipron PSUs are designed for very low leakage current
    • Low leakage current PSUs required for medical certification ⇒EN60601-1 0.3mA @AC264V input
  • Low Noise
    • Generally Low Leakage Current Tend to End up with Higher Noise
    • Nipron units are designed for both low leakage current and low noise
    • VCCI Class B achieved without noise filter