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Denkenseiki Noise Reduction Power Supply

Noise induces interference resulting in malfunction pr destruction of sensitive electronic devices, especially computers and digital type machinery. It is introduced one of two ways, either through ambient radiation or line noise conducted through wires/cables/connections. Noisecuttrans™ protects machinery from this.

Noisecuttrans™ shuts harmful line noise off by being inserted in the leading line supply between the noise source and the noise-sensitive component(s). Inline noise, the noise flowing away from the noise source and returns is known as normal mode, and what flows away and to earth is called common mode. Noisecuttrans™ shuts both off. 

Conventional insulating transformers and shielded transformers cannot shut normal mode noise off, instead just allow it to pass. However, Noisecuttrans™ shuts off both normal mode and common mode. Noisecuttrans™ removes the need for added LC filter, arrester, varistor, etc. to provide the surest effect and highest reliance in today's line noise suppression. 
  • Usable without earth with no loss of effect
  • Unnecessary impedance matching 
  • No need to worry about current leakage
  • Effective across wide frequency band 
  • Symmetrical and bidirectional effectiveness 
  • Effective against tremendous current noise
  • No counter effect 
  • Outstanding effect in cascade configuration