Swissflow Liquid Flowmeter

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Ideal for volumetric flow measurement, turbine liquid flowmeters are a cost-effective way to accurately measure flow rates. As an industrial supplier of high-quality turbine liquid flow meters, Daitron offers two exceptional turbine flow meter options for your measurement needs. These infrared flow meters utilize patented technology and a well thought out design, which are the basis for high-quality Swissflow turbine flow meters.

Sorry, but no flammable liquids for use with these components.

Fluid Flow Meter Options

Daitron offers you two high-performance fluid flow meter options: general-purpose plastic flowmeters and high-pressure stainless steel flowmeters. Both options utilize infrared technology.
  • SF800 General Purpose Meter - The material of construction used for the wetted materials (PVDF and Vectra) are temperature durable and highly chemically resistant plastics. This makes it immune to limescale build-up and adding to the longevity and versatility of the design. Temperature ranges from -4°F to 194°F.
  • SF800/6 High-Pressure Meter -  This stainless steel model is a high-pressure flowmeter that can withstand harsh environments. Temperature ranges from -4°F to 194°F.

The compact nature and threaded ports (to allow varying plumbing connection options) further the versatility of the flowmeter design. While some flow meters use magnets, issues can arise due to their susceptibility to magnetic fields. Our liquid flow meters utilize infrared technology versus using magnets, providing you with accurate and precise measurements.

Liquid Flowmeter Benefits

Along with this intelligent design, the limited number of parts results in a product with a huge number of application possibilities and an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • 12-year warranty (exceptionally long life)
  • Virtually frictionless operation (exceptionally low wear and tear)
  • Compact
  • Highly proportional, linear, and accurate signal
  • High resolution (5500 pulses/L)
  • Versatile design for many applications
  • Various plumbing options
  • Temperature and highly chemically resistant
  • Can be installed in any angle or position
  • Immune to limescale buildup
  • Immune to magnetic fields 

How Infrared Liquid Flowmeters Work

The geometry of the rotor housing (vertical turbine, axial flow in) in combination with the light-weight Vectra rotor (0.04 grams) results in the rotor floating in the liquid, which all combine to create several significant benefits. With a floating rotor there is virtually frictionless wear and tear providing for exceptionally long life; a highly proportional, linear, and accurate signal; and no restrictions on mounting orientation.
For a signal that is highly accurate and immune to external influences, an integrated PCB emits an infrared signal. It is interrupted by the three blades of the rotor provides a highly accurate translation from this physical occurrence to an extremely high-resolution pulse signal.

Order Your High-Performance Liquid Flowmeter

With decades of fluid process experience, Daitron looks forward to supplying you with a high-quality liquid flowmeter. Request a quote or call us at 503-682-7560 today.