Industrial Machine Vision Equipment

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As industry 4.0 grows, so too does the need for innovative, technologically advanced machine vision equipment. Industrial machine vision systems require more than just a basic image sensor. Daitron has solutions for your machine vision needs from cameras and lenses to lighting and cables. We offer industrial machine vision solutions to fit almost any application, ideal for a wide variety of industries.

High-Performance Industrial Machine Vision Technology

The industrial machine vision technology Daitron distributes includes rugged, durable components that provide high resolution and accuracy. Our high-performance machine vision equipment includes Machine Vision Cameras, Machine Vision Lenses, and more. Order online today, or contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Computer Vision for Manufacturing Applications

Vision machine processing systems allow for enhanced image processing that a visual human operator cannot provide or replicate. Large systems manufacturers that utilize production lines often require machine vision technology to visually inspect internal parts and mechanical components. Machine imaging equipment also provides increased data procurement for added analytical benefits, helping increase productivity and performance. Additional advantages and applications for machine vision equipment include:
  • Equipment monitoring & detailed inspection processes
  • Inventory control & supply chain optimization
  • Maintaining standards for packaging processes
  • Increased safety for workers & equipment
  • Reduced cost & downtime
  • Improved consistency

Daitron is a Leading Supplier of Industrial Machine Vision Technology

With decades of machine vision technology experience, Daitron has been one of the biggest machine vision distributors in the US. We carry some machine vision components in-stock, while most lead times can be a few weeks. Our selection of high-quality machine vision equipment is produced by leading manufacturers and includes Machine Vision Cameras, Machine Vision Lenses, LCD Video Monitor Displays, frame grabbers, and more.

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Dedicated to providing advanced-performance imaging products, Daitron is your best source for top-quality machine imaging equipment. We offer the durability, availability, and in-stock components needed for automated machine imaging in manufacturing systems.
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