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Daitron Incorporated is a premier manufacturer and distributor of Laser Diode (LD) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) processing solutions. From scribe and break systems to chip and can testers and aging systems, plus visual inspection systems, we manufacturer what you need. We also represent FourTechnos wire bonders and Nikke can sealers. For more information, please submit an inquiry or contact us directly in the USA at 503-682-7560 or visit our manufacturer page.

LED/LD Manufacturing Machines & Processing Equipment

LED and LD-making machines are used to manufacture light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes (LDs). The production process for LEDs and LDs is complex, requiring high precision and accuracy throughout manufacturing. The specialized LED & LD manufacturing machines we distribute are essential for creating reliable, high-quality LED and LD products.
The LEDs and LDs produced by our processing equipment are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications and products, including:
  • Lighting
  • Displays
  • Sensors
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Lasers
  • And more

Daitron is Your Source for LED & LD Processing Machines & Equipment

As a leading distributor of commercial capital equipment, electronic products, vision imaging products, and other high-performance industrial equipment, Daitron is your trusted source for LED and LD processing machines. Our team of experienced engineers and sales representatives can help you find the right products and solutions for your unique application's requirements. Daitron is committed to providing our customers with the best industrial and commercial products and services.

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Contact us to learn more about the LED & LD manufacturing machines we distribute. You can also request a quote online for pricing information. Daitron is your trusted source for LED-making machines and equipment.