Industrial Machine Vision Equipment

Machine vision inspection equipment provides automated inspection, process control, and analysis in industrial, manufacturing, medical, and security applications. Several technologies are involved in machine vision, including imaging hardware and software, sensors, cameras, displays, and output devices. Machine vision cameras can be used with a frame grabber and analog or digital interface or combined with an image processing unit.

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Daitron: A Leading Supplier for Machine Vision Inspection Equipment

Daitron is known worldwide as a premier machine vision inspection equipment and components distributor. Our product offering encompasses almost any imaging hardware required for general machine vision applications to specialized security, medical, presentation, or distance learning.

Industrial Machine Vision Resources from Top Global Manufacturers

We represent and distribute machine vision inspection equipment from over 25 manufacturers in North America, including BlueVision, Tochigi Nikon, Sony, Mitsubishi, and more. We have the technical expertise to help you specify which hardware components will best meet your most demanding application requirements.

Custom Machine Vision Inspection Equipment

If our off-the-shelf- solutions do not meet your needs, we will draw on the knowledge and resources of our vendors to meet your requirements. Daitron also has a solid network of systems integrator partners should you need a complete system designed, installed, and supported locally. Whatever your industrial machine vision equipment requirements entail, Daitron will help you get the best solutions for your application.

Industrial Visual Imaging Products for Machine Vision Inspection Applications

  • Machine Vision Inspection Equipment: We distribute cameras, lenses, lighting cables, & more. Select from BlueVision and Sony machine vision cameras with several interfaces, output, format, frame rate, and resolution options.
  • Medical Vision Equipment: Our medical vision equipment includes medical cameras, medical monitors, medical-grade printers, medical recorders, and more. We offer color-interlaced and color-progressive medical vision cameras with analog, HDMI, HD-SDI, and HDMI/HD-SDI combination interfaces. Medical monitors, printers, and recorders also come in different configurations to create a medical vision package that meets your needs.
  • Block Cameras and PTZ Vision Cameras: Choose from industry-leading machine Vision Cameras, Security Cameras, Distance Learning Cameras, and more. Options range from standard analog cameras to high-speed, high-resolution cameras with color interlaced or color progressive output and an analog, DVI, HD-SDI, or HDMI interface.
  • Frame Grabbers: Daitron is a distributor for dPict Imaging and carries frame grabbers for high-end machine vision systems.
  • LCD video monitor displays: LCD video monitor displays are often used for security, machine vision, and other medical or industrial applications. We also provide DVRs for stand-alone video recording and remote monitoring applications.
  • Thermal Printers: We stock a variety of high-speed, high-resolution thermal printers from manufacturers, including Mitsubishi and Sony. Select from compact and standard models that produce outstanding images and integrate into your existing medical imaging system. Certain models produce small images in as little as 1.9 seconds.
  • Laser and fiber-optic measurement systems offered by Daitron include basic NFP/FFP optical measurement systems and dedicated optical measurement systems for use with lasers and other optical devices.

Learn How We Can Supply Vision Cameras & Other Visual Imaging Products for You

Daitron carries machine vision cameras and other machine vision equipment and accessories for medical, security, and industrial automation applications. We also offer specials on discontinued and overstocked machine vision inspection equipment, imaging hardware, and other electronic components. For more information on Daitron Incorporated and our distribution of visual imaging products, contact us or request a quote for your vision components today!