Water Flow Monitoring & Detection

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Measuring and detecting liquids is a critical need in many industrial applications. Whether liquid flow monitoring for the high purity UCT (ultra clean technology) field, such as acids or alkalis, or anything in the food and beverage industry, from coffee, wine, beer, fruit juices, cola, syrup, mineral water, or milk, they can be precisely monitored.


The range of applications is exceptionally diverse so a range of components used for this are found in laboratories, hospitals, and research and production facilities, as well as in coffee machines, automatic washing machines and beer dispensing systems.

Flow Detection Sensors 

These liquid flow meters, pressure, level, and liquid leak detection sensors provide the greatest diversity. Solutions can be found with temperature ranges from freezing to near boiling. With flow rates as low as 26ml/min and as high as 26L/min for turbine and high viscosity (up to 8000 centistokes) rotary flowmeters, 400ml/min and up to 90L/min for vortex flow sensors; plus the output capabilities of frequency, analog, and digital signals, varying materials of construction, and application specific solutions.

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