Liquid Temperature Control Technology Products

Komatsu Electronics Inc (now known as KELK) has been manufacturing precision temperature control products for over 28 years. Komatsu Electronics produces a complete line of freon-less temperature control systems that utilize its unique thermoelectric cooling/heating technology. All fluid temperature control products utilize high purity chemical resistant materials on all wetted parts. Temperature controllers incorporate the PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) algorithm for precise temperature control of fluid mediums.

KELK is one of the world's leading and most reliable supplier of precise thermal control systems based on thermoelectric modules with outstanding quality and innovative technology.

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Water/Inert Liquid Solutions

  • DI Water Heater. Setting temperature range of 25 to 85 degrees C. The DI Water Heater heats purified water used to rinse Si wafers in the manufacture of semiconductor and glass substrates in the manufacture of LCDs. The halogen heating lamps are housed in transparent double-walled high purity quartz glass tubes to efficient and noncontaminant heating of ultra pure water. 
  • Re-Circulating Heating and Cooling Unit. Controlled temperature range of 10 to 150 degrees C.  The High Temp unit (> 40°C) uses halogen lamps for heating to over 100°C and a proportional regulating valve for cooling to control the flow rate of circulating liquid and cooling water. The Low Temp unit (10 to 40°C) uses thermo-module technology for both heating and cooling. For these units, the re-circulating heating and cooling performs flexible temperature regulation with high speed response.  

 Chemical Solutions

  • Chemical Circulator. Controlled temperature range of 15 to 50 degrees C. The Chemical Circulator performs precision temperature control of chemicals used for RCA cleaning and wet etching. The material for heat transfer in contact with the liquid is made from high purity glass carbon and is free from contamination with dissolved metallic ions. 
  • Chemical Heater. Setting temperature range of 25 to 80 degrees CThis inline unit provides precise heating temperature control. It is heavily used for high temperature heating of chemicals for RCA cleaning and wet etching. Wettted path is fluorocarbon resin and high purity vitreous carbon and is compatible with acid and alkaline chemicals as well as organic solvents.
  • CS-Heater. Controlled temperature range of 50 to 170degrees C.  The compact inline CS-Heater quickly and accurately heats chemicals used for cleaning wafers and stripping resist in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Liquids pass in contact with high grade quartz glass tubes as high intensity halogen lamps radiate near infrared rays.