Electronic Products Create More Efficient Industrial Automation

Automation improves workplace safety and makes it easier to monitor processes for quality control. Automated processes use various components and accessories to power equipment, robots, computers, and control systems. This includes industrial electrical products such as low noise AC/DC power supplies, Lithium coincell batteries, radar sensors, specialty electrical connectors, isolation transformers, and other parts and equipment. There are also cameras, sensors, and similar equipment used for security surveillance and equipment safety.


Industrial Automation and Electrical Components Distributor

Daitron is a contracted, stocking distributor for several lines of electronics components, including electrical connectors, and power products including batteries and electric double-layer capacitors. We also carry a line of low ripple noise and low leakage current AC/DC power supplies. Our inventory of industrial automation equipment includes sensors and signal tower warning lights, beacons, and audible alarms.
We work with a worldwide network of manufacturers and vendors to fill your specific electronic components needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. Click on the products below to learn more about our inventory of industrial electrical power products.

Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply

Daitron’s AC/DC low noise power supply products are small, lightweight, and feature ultra-low ripple and noise. We stock models providing 50, 150, or 300W of output. All AC/DC power supply models are high efficiency and free of RoHS, halogen, and vinyl chloride. They also meet UL, CSA, EN, and PSE safety standards.

Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries

We stock and distribute lithium coin cell batteries and sealed lead-acid batteries for your power applications. Coin cell batteries are offered in standard and tabbed models with nominal capacities up to 60 mAh and standard discharge currents up to 1.3 mAh. Sealed lead-acid batteries are compact and come in several models offering different capacities and service life up to approximately 5 years.

Industrial Automation and Electrical Connectors

Our inventory for industrial automation includes signal tower beacons and audible warning alarms from Palite, and a full line of Sunx industrial sensors. These products integrate into industrial automation equipment to indicate machine status and improve workplace safety. We also stock and distribute a variety of BNC, high-frequency fiber optic, waterproof coax, and circular electronic connectors from leading manufacturers, as well as custom made electrical connectors.

Specialty Power Supplies

Options for specialty AC/DC power supplies include large-capacity laser power supplies from Nipron in 1500W and 5000W models with adjustable output voltage available. We also distribute several models of space-saving, high-efficiency Nipron nonstop power supplies that have UPS function without adding an external UPS. The benefits of using a specialty AC DC power supply include low noise and leakage current, and a high-reliability design that withstands high temperatures and vibration.

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For more information on our industrial automation equipment, contact us! We distribute low noise power supply options, sealed lead acid, and lithium coin cells to fit your power needs. Daitron also supplies and installs capital equipment and visual imaging products for a broad range of industries.