Machine Vision Lens

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And we also have other solutions for your machine vision needs:

Daitron distributes security CCD camera and machine vision lenses to fit almost any application in the market. We represent the most popular lens manufacturers in the North American and Asian markets. Whether you have a motorized security lens requirement or a demanding submicron telecentric application, Daitron can determine which lenses will work best for your specific goals.
  • Fujinon
  • Pentax
  • Tamron
  • Moritex
  • V.S. Technology
  • Melles Griot
  • Computar
  • Bluevision
Daitron's lens offering includes solutions for sectral sensitive applications in the UV and IR ranges, as well as standard wavelength. We offer lenses for c and CS mount, as well as NF, F, bayonet, and Pentax 67 mounts for both area and line scan cameras. Daitron is also your exclusive North American source for:
  • Tochigi Nikon
Tell us about your application and we will give you a lens solution! For more information on our machine vision lenses, contact us! We distribute the lenses you need, including cctv lenses and telecentric lenses, for all your applications.

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