Programmable Machine Vision Cameras for Industrial Applications

Regardless of industry, machine vision cameras have become instrumental in producing high-quality images to meet the increasing machine vision application demands. Industrial machine vision cameras are programmable which allows you precise control of the data and camera functions for your application. The camera is used to capture image data, which is then transferred to a computer for analysis.

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Machine vision cameras are often used for industrial or medical applications. Common industrial uses for machine vision cameras include production assembly line process control or quality assurance for inspection purposes. Medical uses for machine vision cameras include applications such as diagnostics, ophthalmology, and microscopy analysis.

Global Source for Premium Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

Daitron is a leading distributor of industrial cameras. The machine vision cameras we supply meet the highest standards for optimal performance and are frequently used in industrial applications, including diagnostics, ophthalmology, and microscopy analysis. At Daitron, our team of engineers is committed to providing you with high-performance cameras. Trust Daitron for all your capital equipment, electronic products, fluid process components, and visual imaging needs.

High-Quality Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

Our extensive line of machine vision cameras includes Bluevision and Sony digital video cameras. In addition to our machine vision cameras, we also offer machine vision lensescables, and lighting. Whether your application requires exceptional resolution or high frame rates, we have the right machine vision solution for you.

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When it comes to quality images, you don’t want to sacrifice productivity or flexibility necessary for many machine vision camera applications. Through our top-quality cameras and accessories, you can trust Daitron for all your machine vision camera needs.
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