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Microwave radar sensors are electronic devices that utilize advanced microwave technology to detect various objects' distance, speed, and motion. This powerful motion detection and measurement technology is used in radar applications, including survey radars, medical radars, automotive applications, and more.

Daitron distributes microwave radar sensors and microwave coax cables, connectors, and adapters that fulfill critical requirements in the Microwave & Radar industry. For more information on Radar Sensors or Microwave Coax Components, please click on the product below.

Microwave Radar Sensors & Components Distributed by Daitron

Microwave Radar Sensors

At Daitron, we proudly distribute Sakura Tech microwave radar sensors. Unlike infrared sensors, microwave radar sensors can detect motion and even measure speed. This versatile technology finds applications in various fields, including automotive radar systems, intrusion survey radars, medical radars, and nursing care robots. The potential applications for electric wave sensors are vast, making them a valuable tool in numerous industries.

Microwave Coaxial Cables & Coaxial Connectors

We are also a proud distributor of Waka coaxial connectors, cables, and microwave components capable of transmitting microwaves up to 110GHz. These products are based on proprietary designs developed over years of experience and expertise in understanding electromagnetic fields, specifically in the millimeter wave band (mmW). Waka is a recognized leader in the industry, offering both standard and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers' microwave designs.

Daitron is a Leading Distributor of Microwave Radar Sensor & Coaxial Connectors

Questions about the microwave radar products we distribute? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in finding the best resources for your application's requirements. You can also request a quote online for detailed pricing information.