The new XCD-SX90CR camera incorporates a UNIQUE 1/3 type Progressive Scan CCD and achieves up to 30 fps at SXGA resolution. By utilizing the IEEE 1394.b interface that supports the IIDC protocol, users can transfer images to a host PC at speeds of up to 800 Mb/s. Moreover, because multiple cameras can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration, users can enjoy the benefits of simplified operation in a multi-camera system.
  • 1/3-type Porgressive Scan Color Raw CCD
  • IEEE 1394b Digital Interface
  • Up to 30 fps at SXGA Resolution
  • Various Frame Rates for High Speed Capturing
  • Supports IIDC Protocol
  • Built-in Real-time 3X3 Image Pre-Processing Filter
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Format: 1/3"
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Interface: 1394.b
  • Output: Color Progressive
  • Type: Industrial
  • Resolution: SXGA

Product Files