WBM Wafer Bevel Machine


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Wafer Edge Grinder - Wafer Bevel Machine


model WBM-2100 WBM-2200
GD unit qty of grind axis 1 2
wafer size 2" ~ 6" selectable
3" ~ 8" selectable
wafer type OF OK
notch option
material silicon OK
compound wafer option
single element wafer option
SOI option
others option
load / unload cassettes* 4 to 8
non-cassette option
spindle for 200mm wheel std.
for 100mm wheel option
for notch wheel option
thickness gauge contact 1 pt. option
contact multi pts. option
non-contact multi. pts. option
alignment unit edge non-contact selectable
edge grip selectable
cleaner unit spin cleaner std.
diameter meas. pre-grind option
post grind option
bevel shape R type std.
T type std.
Flat type std.
non symetric* std.
step or terrace type* option

*cassettes: number of cassettes is dictated by wafer size.

*non symetric & *step or terrace type: grinding wheel shape will reflect the bevel shape.

note : specifications above may change without notice

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