As a leading distributor of high-performance resources for industrial and commercial applications, Daitron partners with top global manufacturers to provide our customers with premium quality products. Learn more about our trusted partners and their innovative products below.

Advance Electric Co., Inc.

Advance Electric Co., Inc. manufactures high-purity valves, liquid control regulators, and manifolds for industrial applications.


BlueVision specializes in surveillance and security systems for commercial and residential applications, including high-performance camera lenses.

Daitron Co., Ltd.

Daitron Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying industrial customers with innovative components and equipment. Daitron’s range of products manufactured includes low noise power supplies, wafer manufacturing equipment, Laser diode & LED testing,  hermetic connectors, and more. Known for an uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability, Daitron serves some of the most demanding global industries.

Denkenseiki Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Denkenseiki Research Institute Co. manufactures high-performance noise-reduction power supplies for applications requiring protection from line noise.

Digmesa AG

Digmesa AG specializes in flow measurement and control technology, offering products like flowmeters and sensors for water management facilities and chemical processing systems.

Globetech, Inc.

Globetech Inc.'s specialty electrical connectors are used in electronics manufacturing applications and include hermetic connectors, coax connectors, and custom-made connectors.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. is a leading industrial video equipment provider with products including high-resolution camera systems used in medical applications.

Kelk Ltd.

Kelk Ltd. water temperature controller units are used in industrial applications requiring high-performance liquid temperature control.

Kitz Corporation

Kitz Corporation manufactures high-purity hand spray guns for water and air, and other fluid control products for industrial use.


Medicapture develops medical imaging solutions, including medical touchscreen monitors and software for capturing and managing medical images in healthcare applications.


Mitsubishi is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, high-performance products in a wide range of industrial sectors. At Daitron, we distribute Mitsubishi thermal printers for industrial applications.

Murata (formerly Sony)

Murata, formerly a division of Sony, specializes in manufacturing high-quality, reliable lithium coin cells for a wide range of devices and industries.

Nipron Co., Ltd.

Nipron specializes in power supply solutions, including laser power supplies and nonstop power supplies for medical and industrial applications.


Panasonic is a renowned global electronics company with a wide range of industrial products, including video equipment, medical camera systems, and more.

Pre-Tech Co., Ltd.

Pre-Tech Co., Ltd. develops high-tech solutions in wafer fabrication technologies.


Renata manufactures high-performance lithium coin cell batteries for small electronic devices, including medical equipment.

Sakura Tech Corp.

Sakura Tech specializes in radar sensors and electric wave sensors, providing advanced solutions for demanding applications.


In addition to consumer electronics and entertainment products, Sony manufactures a wide range of industry-leading industrial technology solutions, including surveillance equipment and imaging devices.

Swissflow BV

Swissflow BV specializes in liquid flow measurement products, including flow meters and sensors for water, chemicals, and other liquids used in industrial applications.


Synos offers industry-leading collimated beam measurement systems designed for beam analysis in industrial applications.

Tajimi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tajimi Electronics manufactures specialty electronic connectors for industrial environments and applications, offering high-quality and reliable connectivity solutions.

Technical & Try Co., Ltd.

Technical & Try Co. offers advanced leak detector sensors and other industrial leakage solutions.


Tochigi-Nikon is a precision optics manufacturer known for high-performance lenses and optical components used in cameras, surveillance equipment, and other imaging devices.


Tru-Vu specializes in rugged display solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Products include video monitors designed for demanding environments, including manufacturing plants and medical applications.


Daitron is also a leading reseller of high-performance products for industrial applications. We partner with trusted global manufacturers and distributors to provide customers in a wide range of industries with the best solutions. Learn about our partners and their top-quality products below.

Components Express

Components Express supplies electronic components and parts, including connectors, cables, and circuit protection devices, for various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive.


Computar supplies high-performance lenses for surveillance, machine vision, and broadcasting applications.


FourTechnos specializes in factory automation software for improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity.


Fujinon is known for premium-quality optical products, including lenses for high-performance cameras and medical imaging devices.


IMAC is a provider of industrial machine vision lighting and illumination products.

Intercon 1

Intercon 1 supplies industrial machine vision cables and accessories, providing solutions for machine vision and imaging applications in manufacturing environments.

Melles Griot

Melles Griot offers machine vision lenses used in inspection and automation applications.


Moritex specializes in optical technology, providing vision imaging lenses for inspection and automation applications.


Nikke is a provider of top electronic components and devices, including sensors, switches, and connectors.

Oki Cables

Oki Cables specializes in reliable custom cable assemblies for diverse industrial applications.

Panasonic Industrial Sensors

Panasonic Industrial Sensors specializes in sensors and sensor systems for industrial automation, including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, and pressure sensors.


Patlite is a leading manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices, including signal towers, LED beacons, and signal horns for industrial environments.


Pentax distributes industrial imaging products, including high-quality cameras and lenses for both consumer and industrial markets.


Tamron specializes in photographic lenses, including a wide range of lenses for industrial applications.

TKM Technologies

TKM Technologies offers custom components and assemblies for some of the most demanding industries.

V.S. Technology

V.S. Technology supplies advanced vision systems and components for factory automation, including machine vision cameras and software solutions.

Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in coax and circular connectors, including high-frequency fiber optic, BNC, waterproof coax, and microwave coax components.