WBM Wafer Bevel Machine


Daitron's WBM -2000A Series Wafer Bevel Machine is a wafer edge grinder engineered to create a bevel on wafers ranging from 2 inches to 8 inches in diameter. It features a compact design, superior precision beveling, and exceptional versatility. This wafer edge grinder can process various materials, including silicon and other semiconductive substrates. The WBM-2000A Series model is the successor to the revered DE(N)P series, offering enhanced functionality and efficiency.

We also distribute the CVP Wafer Contouring Vertical Polisher, an innovative chamfering system that utilizes the same resin-bonded wheel to shape the edge of an AS-slice wafer into either a trapezoid or radius shape.

WBM-2000A Series Wafer Edge Grinder Features

The WBM-2000A Series Wafer Bevel Machine has undergone several significant upgrades. The motor used for grinding the Y-axis and Z-axis was converted from a stepping motor to an AC servomotor for higher precision. The mechanical layout has also been improved, with the Wafer Transfer Unit relocated to the center of both grinding stations, resulting in reduced transfer distance for enhanced efficiency. Additional improvements and advantages of using the WBM-2000A Wafer Edge Grinder include:

  • Compact Design - 50% less footprint area compared to existing model DENP-250A and competitors
  • High Accuracy - By utilizing a one-piece cast iron frame, the vibration during grinding was better controlled and damage on wafer edge, which minimizes chipping.
  • High Machine Stiffness - To obtain higher stiffness of the spindle unit, Z-axis movement from spindle was eliminated.
  • OF Linearity Improved by 33% - OF linearity specification has been improved from 15um to 10um. By consolidating X-Y- θ -Z unit into one unit, instead of having two separate moving units, OF linearity specification has been improved. 
  • Easy Maintenance - Improved accessibility to all internal mechanisms and controls makes the WBM-2000 easier to maintain. Grinding wheel change can be accomplished with convenient access from the side. The result is higher productivity with less downtime.
  • Easy Operation - Operator control using LCD touch panel and easy to understand menu screens.
  • High Efficiency - Max 163 wfrs / hr with max speed of 22 sec / wfr. (15 sec / wfr using dual-axis model) with wafer exchange time of 10 sec / easy-to-understand (WBM-2200)

WBM-2000A Series Basic Specifications

model WBM-2100 WBM-2200
GD unit qty of grind axis 1 2
wafer size Version 1:  2" - 6" selectable
Version 2:  3" - 8" selectable
wafer type OF OK
notch option
material silicon OK
compound wafer option
single element wafer option
SOI option
others option
load / unload cassettes* 4 to 8
non-cassette option
spindle for 200mm wheel std.
for 100mm wheel option
for notch wheel option
thickness gauge contact 1 pt. option
contact multi pts. option
non-contact multi. pts. option
alignment unit edge non-contact selectable
edge grip selectable
cleaner unit spin cleaner std.
diameter meas. pre-grind option
post grind option
bevel shape R type std.
T type std.
Flat type std.
non symetric* std.
step or terrace type* option

*cassettes: number of cassettes is dictated by wafer size.

*non symetric & *step or terrace type: grinding wheel shape will reflect the bevel shape.

note : specifications above may change without notice

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