SF-800 Plastic All-Purpose SwissFlow Flowmeter

The patented SF800 is an all-purpose flow meter with an excellent price-performance ratio that comes with a 12-year warranty. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and large variety of fluids, and covers flow velocities of 0.5 to 20 liter per minute at temperatures of -20 to +90 °C and an operating pressure of 16 bar (max 40 bar).

The SF800 is entirely made of high-quality plastics and composites with great chemical and thermal resilience. The housing is made of PVDF, a high grade PVC, while the internal rotor of only 0.04 gram is made of Vectra, a liquid crystal polymer of very low weight. Both materials are not susceptible to limescale.

An integrated PCB emits the infrared signal, which is interrupted by the three blades of the rotor.SMD components transform the interrupted signal into a pulse. Because of the construction and geometry of the rotor housing, the SwissFlow flow sensors can withstand high pressure.

SF800 Flowmeter Benefits

  • Flow rate: 0.5 - 20 L/min
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to 90o C
  • Media viscocity: 1-1000 Cst
  • Max. operating pressure: 16 bar
  • Max. pressure: 40 bar
  • 12 year warranty (exceptionally long life)
  • Virtually frictionless operation (exceptionally low wear and tear)
  • Compact Highly proportional, linear, and accurate signal High resolution (5500 pulses/L)
  • Versatile design for many applications
  • Various plumbing options -  Can be installed in any angle or position
  • Temperature and  chemically resistant
  • Immune to magnetic fields