PFS300A Series Low Noise AC/DC Supply

PFS 300A Series Low Noise Power Supply is an industrial-grade AC/DC switching power supply designed for noise-sensitive applications. It features proprietary technology that produces minimal noise and vibration while delivering 300 watts of power. With an efficient design and very low leakage current, the PFS Series Low Noise Power Supply is an ideal solution for medical and industrial applications requiring a small, lightweight, and high-efficiency low-noise power supply.

Features and Advantages of the PFS Series Low Noise Power Supply

The PFS 300A Series Low Noise AC/DC Supply is specifically engineered to operate with minimal noise output. Its compact design makes it a versatile power supply for applications with limited space. With switchable power output options ranging from 12V to 48V and 6.3A to 25A, delivering up to 300 watts, it caters to a range of power requirements. Its versatility, low noise operation, and compact housing make it ideal for environments where electrical noise could interfere with sensitive equipment. Key features include:
  • Ultra-low noise (10mVp-p)
  • Very low leakage current (60uA to 200uA)
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Universal Input
  • Meet EMC Safety Standards
  • RoHS Free, Vinyl Chloride Free, Halogen Free (PCB)
  • Higher power output than Daitron's RFS Series Ultra Low Noise Power Supply

Daitron’s PFS Series Low Noise Power Supply Specifications

  • Medical Power Supply
  • 300W single channel
  • 12/15/24/30/48 VDCout
  • 10mVp-p Ripple Noise
  • RoHS compliant
  • 80-89% efficiency
  • Remote Sensing
  • PFC
  • EN60601-1 certified
  • 4KV Reinforced insulation
  • CE Marking, Nemko, PSE
  • Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • UL60950-1, file #E237238•UL60601-1, file #E320635
  • Switching Frequency (0 - 100% current load range):
    • PFC        60kHz
    • DCDC    65kHz~80kHz
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Warranty Information for PFS Series Low Noise Power Supply

The warranty is valid for one year from the delivery date, except for the following circumstances:
  • Failures or damage resulting from misuse or unauthorized product repairs.
  • Failures or damage caused by transport after delivery.
  • Failures or damage caused by natural disasters, including fire, earthquake, wind, water, or abnormal voltage.
  • Failures caused by other connected devices.
If you plan to use the product in special environments, such as salty, acidic, alkaline, dusty, or corrosive environments, contact us in advance.
  • PFS300A-12
  • PFS300A-15
  • PFS300A-24
  • PFS300A-30
  • PFS300A-48

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