Nikon Rayfact VW0.14x/0.25x/0.35x

For photograph shooting using a 7μm×8K/5μm×12K/3.5μm×16K camera (line sensor).
Image taking in appearance tests for various industrial products (LED, PC boards, TAB, seats, etc.).
Image circle of φ64mm is secured for the application of large line sensor cameras.
Optical design most suitable for 7μm×8K/5μm×12K/3.5μm×16K line sensor cameras.
One of three magnification ratios is selectable (0.1x – 0.4x).
Uniformity of high resolution and performance is secured from the center to the corners.
Distortion is minimized stringently (0.1% or less at standard magnification).
Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact VW0.14x Nikon Rayfact VW0.25x Nikon Rayfact VW0.35x
Type L-OFM014012MN L-OFM025020MN L-OFM035026MN
Focal distance 125.5mm 124.9mm 125.2mm
Standard waveform 546.07nm(e-line)
Waveform range 400~700nm
Standard magnification -0.14x -0.25x -0.35x
Magnification range -0.1x ~ -0.18x -0.18x ~ -0.28x -0.28x ~ -0.4x
Working distance 960.2mm 562.9mm 419.8mm
Mount M55(P=0.75)
Flange back 120.0mm 133.9mm 147.5mm
Dimensions(excluding protruded parts) φ73.5mm×98.7mm φ73.5mm×97.7mm φ73.5mm×97.7mm
Weight Approximately 740g Approximately 740g Approximately 740g
Regarding items not specified, the lens is used at standard magnification. If you want use it at other magnification ratios, please inquire to us.
Specification values and product appearance may be subject to change without notice.
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Line sensors
  • Magnification range: -0.1x min to – 0.4x max
  • Image size: φ62mm
  • Focal length: ~125mm
  • Wavelength: 400 to 700nm