Nikon Rayfact 5.2x

High-performance lens for line sensors 
Nikon Rayfact 5.2x
Line sensor lenses for high-resolution cameras (line sensor cameras) and large line sensors.
Two-sided telecentric optical system.
Thoroughgoing reduction of distortion at standard magnification realizes uniform performance from the center to corners.
Image circle of φ64mm is secured for the application of large line sensors.
High illumination ratio at corners is realized (101% at image circle φ64mm).
Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact 5.2x
Type OFM52275HN-TS
(straight-tube type)
OFM52275HN-TP *
(epi-illumination type)
Focal distance Two-sided telecentric
Standard magnification -5.2x
Waveform range 510~590nm
Working distance 54.8mm
Mount M72(P=0.75)
Flange back 6.56mm
Dimensions φ145mm×554.7mm φ119.5mm×566.7mm
(Flange part:φ145mm)
Weight Approximately 4.4kg Approximately 5.9kg
* Suitable for line sensor cameras.
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Line sensors
  • Magnification range: -5.2x
  • Image size: φ64mm
  • Focal length: Two-sided telecentric
  • Wavelength: 510 to 590nm