LUP Series compact Leak Detect Sensor


These units usually sit in a drip pan or similar location where people want to know if there is a leak. If they end up in the thinnest pool of liquid they will alarm. They use a detector looking at an LED and if that light path gets altered at all then it knows there is a liquid there. With that it will detect any liquid as long as it is not exposed to excessive high or low temperatures.

However these units are not rated to operate in a hazardous potential explosive environment.

Technical Specifications

Detection method

Infrared Photo-refraction


Transistor NO or NC

NPN (50mA MAX) or PNP (18mA MAX)


12 – 24VDC

Response time

< 1 sec (DI water)

Current Consumption

25mA Max


Normal operation – Green LED on, Red LED off

Detection – Red LED on, Green LED off

Operating temperature

- 10 to 60°C

Material of construction

PP (Polypropylene)


shielded 2 conductor, PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

2 meter length standard


+: red

-: shield

Signal: white

LUP Series compact Leak Detect Sensor diagram

Daitron carries a selection of liquid leak sensors that offer the functionality and reliability needed in a liquid monitoring component. We also offer KP Series Low-Cost Leak Detection Sensors and TFP Series Chemical Resistant Leak Detector Sensors.