LFS Series Low Noise AC/DC Power Supply


The LFS series Low Noise switching power supply is a solution for engineers who need very low noise power for noise sensitive applications. These units provide a small and lightweight package along with high efficiency.
Ideal for replacing linear power supplies, our low noise switching power supply has low conduction noise and low EMI features to save on system EMI design.

• 50W & 150W single channel
•5/12/15/24/30/48 VDCout
•10mVp-p Ripple Noise typ
•RoHS compliant
•Remote Sensing
•Remote Control
•EN60601-1 certified
•4KV Reinforced insulation
•CE Marking, Nemko, PSE
•Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 certified
•UL60950-1, file #E237238•UL60601-1, file #E320635

Switching Frequency:
LFS50A-XX   PFC        30kHz~270kHz (due to different input voltage)
                                DC to DC converter through 
                                0 - 100% current load range
                  5V :         90kHz~150kHz 
                12V :         90kHz~120kHz  
                15V :         90kHz~120kHz 
                24V :         90kHz~120kHz 
                30V :         90kHz~120kHz 
                48V :         90kHz~120kHz
LFS150A-XX   PFC        40kHz~230kHz ( due to different input voltage)
                                DC to DC converter through 
                                0 - 100% current load range
                    5V :      50kHz~120kHz 
                  12V :      50kHz~90kHz  
                  15V :      50kHz~90kHz 
                  24V :      50kHz~90kHz 
                  30V :      60kHz~100kHz 
                  48V :      90kHz~130kHz


Daitron Incorporated is a premier manufacturer and distributor for low noise power supply solutions. For more information, please submit inquiry or contact us directly toll free in the USA at 888-324-8766. 

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