Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) line scan camera

The BV-C2905 is a small in size and compact line scan camera using an 512 pixel InGaAs sensor. The wavelength to cover is 900 nm to 1,600nm. The interface can be selected from camera link or GigE vision ®.
Sensor: 512 pixels, Pixel size: 25μm x 25μm 
Interface: Camera Link, GigE Vision
Lens mount: C mount (1-inch type)
Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 60 (W x H x D) mm
Weight: 300g (CL), 290g (GE)
  • Manufacturer: BlueVision
  • Format: 512 pixels
  • Frame Rate: 5MHz
  • Interface: Camera Link
  • Output: SWIR line scan
  • Type: Industrial

Product Files