Ultraviolet-ray-shooting lens
This lens is effective for shooting in the ultraviolet range. (e.g.: combustion, plasma, electrical discharge studies)
Bring the subject into focus with visible light, and focusing will be unnecessary when performing ultraviolet shooting.
Transmissivity of approx. 70% is secured throughout the entire wavelength range of 220nm — 900 nm.
Aberration fluctuation of each wavelength is minimum from ∞ to -0.5x.
* Note:
For ultraviolet-ray shooting, shooting is possible using our ultraviolet shooting lens UV-105mm/F4.5. We do not market an ultravioet-ray camera. Since a filter or coating to cut ultraviolet/infrared rays except for special SLR camera is attached to the CCD glass surface, it is virtually impossible to shoot unless using visible light. So, confirm that the CCD of the camera to be used conforms to ultraviolet shooting.
Main specifications
Model UV-105mmF4.5
Type PF10545MF-UV
Focal distance 105mm
Usable wavelength range 220~900nm
Working distance ∞~274.1mm
Mount F mount
Flange back 46.5mm
Dimensions φ68.5mm×116.5mm
Weight Approximately 515g
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Industrial
  • Magnification range: ∞ to -0.5x
  • Image size: φ87.2mm
  • Focal length: 105mm
  • Wavelength: UV 220 to 900nm

Product Files