UDP-240 series

​Software switching is adopted in the UDP-240 series. Compared to conventional hardware switching, it suppresses heat generation due to the switching loss significantly, enabling miniaturization of built-in components. This makes it possible to produce smaller and more efficient power supply units.

DIN-rail Power Supply UDP-240 Series Features

  • It is not necessary to provide a noise filter on the outside because of low noise and low leakage current.
  • The built-in arrestor to avoid/mitigate the risk of lightning damage (SEMI-F47 Compliant)
  • Available to start-up at -40 degree environment
  • The PCB is coated as standard specification
  • European terminal type and Block terminal type are available
  • Equipped with a variable resistor to adjust output voltage
  • Thin, low-heat-generation design for a space-saving control panel design.
  • DIN-rail mount

Compact Power Supply with Large Power Capacity

  • Max Current/Max Power (Continuous): 240W
  • Peak Current / Peak Power (10 sec. max): 400W
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Max. Efficiency: 94%typ
  • Size: 41(W) x 124(H) x 117.5(D) mm