ST Vacuum Forming Conductive Sheet


Users can make customized conductive trays by using ST Vacuum Forming Conductive sheet.  If users have molds or dies, this sheet is a cost efficient solution to make high-quality conductive trays.  The cleanliness is exceptional as ion elution is close to none. Because there is no need for any additional antistatic agent, end users do not need to be concerned about any chemical contamination. Once you apply films and sheets on the surface, the conductivity will last indefinitely, and the user does not need to reapply it regularly like other antistatic agents. Application examples are protection of flat panel displays, fabrication of conductive custom trays and static discharge protection from non conductive resin surfaces in clean rooms.

  • Width: 640mm
  • Length: 200, 300m / roll
  • Thickness: 0.5, 0.65, 0.8, 0.95mm
  • Manufacturer: Achilles