Nikon Rayfact IL95mmF5.6N

4 models cover a wide range of magnification (0.25x~2.0x)
Image size φ90mm (The largest image size in our standard models)
Minimal chromatic aberration in the range of 380~700nm. 
Aperture ring lockable screw for easy use.
RoHS compliant.
Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact IL95mmF5.6N
Type OFM0300020ML OFM0600033ML OFM1000044ML OFM0600033ML
Magnification range -0.25x ~ -0.5x -0.5x ~ -0.75x -0.75x ~ -1.25x -1.25x ~ -2.0x
Magnification scale -0.3x -0.6x -1.0x -1.66x
Focal length 95.1mm 95.6mm 95.6mm 95.6mm
F-Number(∞) F5.6
NA(Diaphragm open) 0.021 0.033 0.045 0.056
Reference wavelength 587.56nm(d-line)
Wavelength range 380~700nm
Picture angle 40.2° 32.8° 26.4° 20.0°
Image size φ90.0mm
Object Size* φ300mm φ150mm φ90.0mm φ54.0mm
Distortion* -0.11% +0.08% 0.00% -0.03%
Relative illumination* 54.2% 69.9% 81.27% 91.4%
Aperture scale Index(no numeric indication):at 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32(click stop index half aperture)
Object-to-image distance* 531.0mm 402.9mm 377.4mm 402.9mm
Working distance* 381.4mm 255.7mm 161.9mm 125.6mm
Mount size d=39mm 1/P=26(Leica) M43(P=0.75)
Flange-to-image distance* 117.3mm 144.8mm 183.2mm 225.7mm
Attachment size M43(P=0.75)
Diameter/length(mm) φ51.0×51.6 φ51.0×51.55 φ51.0×51.4 φ51.0×51.55
Weight Approximately 155g Approximately 160g Approximately 160g Approximately 160g
*1 Data : Standard magnification -0.3x, -0.6x, -1.0x, -1.66x F5.6, φ90mm
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Industrial
  • Magnification range: 0.25x to 2.0x
  • Image size: φ90mm
  • Focal length: ~95mm
  • Wavelength: 380 to 700nm