Nikon Rayfact IL40mm/50mm/63mm/75mm

Low-magnification industrial-use lenses suitable for various inspections including appearance tests.
Interchangeability with Nikon products EL-NIKKOR lenses.
Interchangeable with EL-NIKKOR lenses (40mmF4N, 50mmF2.8N, 63mmF2.8N, 75mmF4N) whose production has been terminated by Nikon Corporation.
All-metallic lens-tube construction assures exceptional reliability.
Aperture lock screw can fix the f-number.
Environmentally friendly design complying with RoHS (using Eco-glass).
L-C mount adaptor HF for Nikon Rayfact IL50mmN
Extendable in accordance with operating conditions.
A lock screw to fix extension is adopted.
RoHS compliant.
Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact IL40mm Nikon Rayfact IL50mmF2.8N Nikon Rayfact IL63mmF2.8N Nikon Rayfact IL75mmF4N
Type PF4040ML PFM0125020ML OFM0125020ML OFM0200020ML
Focal distance 40.1mm 52.1mm 63.0mm 75.2mm
Standard magnification -0.1x -0.125x -0.125x -0.2x
Usable magnification range -0.033x ~ -0.2x -0.05x ~ -0.5x -0.05x ~ -0.5x -0.1x ~ -0.5x
Wavelength range for color aberration compensation 380~700nm
Working distance 419.5mm 437.0mm 542.8mm 436.8mm
Mount d=39mm 1/P=26(Leica)*1
Flange back 47.0mm 49.1mm 62.8mm 80.1mm
Dimensions*2 φ51.2mm×42mm φ51.2mm×39.8mm φ51.2mm×43mm φ51.0mm×35.0mm
Weight Approximately 125g Approximately 130g Approximately 145g Approximately 120g
*1 IL-C mount adaptor HF to convert from L mount to C mount is optionally available for IL50mm.
*2 Excluding protruded parts.
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Industrial
  • Magnification range: fixed: –0.1x, –0.25x, or –0.2x
  • Image size: φ ~43mm, 58mm, 80mm, or 55mm
  • Focal length: ~40mm, 52mm, 63mm, or 75mm
  • Wavelength: 390 to 700nm