Nikon Rayfact 3.5x

Line sensor lenses for high-resolution cameras (line sensor cameras) and large line sensors.
Standard magnification ideal for magnifying fine patterns for large line sensors.
Thoroughgoing reduction of distortion at standard magnification realizes constant high performance from the center to corners.
Vignet of 0% is realized (at F2.4).
Image circle of φ64mm is secured for the application of large line sensors.
High illumination ratio at corners is realized (98% at image circle φ64mm).
Lens tube for coaxial epi-illumination
Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact 3.5x
Type OFM35162MN
  Lenses Lenses + option
Focal distance 127.0mm -
Standard magnification -3.5x -
Waveform range 400~700nm -
Working distance 70.8mm -
Mount M67(P=0.75) M72(P=0.75)
Flange back 505.0mm 19.55mm
Dimensions φ73mm×145.7mm* φ145mm(119.5mm)×572mm
Weight Approximately 1.1kg Approximately 3.5kg
*Protruded parts are not included.
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Line sensors
  • Magnification range: -3.5x
  • Image size: φ64mm
  • Focal length: 127mm
  • Wavelength: 400 to 700nm