Nikon Rayfact 2.5xS/3.5xS/5xS

Large image size - φ86.4mm - For high resolution, large-sized line sensor cameras.
Recommendable line sensor cameras - 5μm×16K/5.2μm×12K/7μm×8K
Variable diaphragm, open aperture F2.5
Diaphragm lockable screws
RoHs compliant
Prism optical optimization model available.(Coaxial vertical prism :Thickness up to 25mm)
(Coaxial vertical prism not available at Tochigi Nikon)

Main specifications
Model Nikon Rayfact 2.5xS Nikon Rayfact 3.5xS Nikon Rayfact 5xS
Type L-OFM25143MN L-OFM35156MN L-OFM50167MN
Magnification -2.5x -3.5x -5.0x
Focal length 116.3mm 116.3mm 116.4mm
F-Number(∞) F2.5
NA(Diaphragm open) 0.143 0.156 0.167
Reference wavelength 546.07nm(e-line)
Wavelength range 400~700nm
Image size φ86.4㎜
Object size(mm)*1 φ34.6 φ24.7 φ17.3
Distortion(%)*1 +0.01 -0.03 -0.03
Relative illumination(%)*1 95.4 99.2 99.7
Aperture scale 2.5, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11
Object-to-image distance(mm) 550.4 653.8 818.7
Working distance(mm) 102.8 89.2 79.0
Mount size M67(P=0.75)
Flange-to image distance(mm) 307.5 424.6 599.8
Attachment size M58(P=0.75)
Diameter/length φ83㎜×140㎜
Weight Approximately 1200g
*1 Highest image height (Y'= 43.2mm) at F2.5.
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Line sensors
  • Magnification range: -2.5x, -3.5x, or -5.0x
  • Image size: φ86.4mm
  • Focal length: ~116.3mm
  • Wavelength: 400 to 700nm