eNSP3-450P series


eNSP3-450P Series Desktop PC Power Supply Features

  • With backup function, it protects your PC from blackout.
  • Completely independent voltage-stabilizing circuit is mounted for all outputs.
  • Min. load current is 0A for all outputs.
  • High capacity peak output: 450W
  • By building in the thermal-sensing variable speed fan, noise reduction can be realized. Heat-related issues for CPU can be settled with fan speed changeover switch.
  • Designed to last 10 years min. with continuous rated operation at 45°C Output harnesses can be easily customized to meet various requirements.
  • Signal unit and fan can be replaced.
  • CCC approved (eNSP3-450P-C20 series)
• Applicable replacement battery: BS10A-H24/2.0L