CS Inline Heater (50 to 170°C)


The compact inline AIH series CS-Heater quickly and accurately heats chemicals used for cleaning wafers and stripping resist in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Liquids pass in contact with high grade quartz glass tubes as high intensity halogen lamps radiate near infrared rays. Controlled temperature range is 50-170°C.

[Note: HTE Series #A421111H2000 (shell material of construction: HTPVC) replaces discontinued HTE Series CS Heater #A421111J1300 (shell material of construction: FRPP)]

Replacement heating lamp:  QIR208V3190WDFL


Chemical Heating range Circulation flow rate per model
Deionized water 50~85℃ 2.5 L/min or more
(approx. 0.66 gal/min or more)
5 L/min and more
(approx. 1.32 gal/min or more)
7.5 L/min and more
(approx. 1.98 gal/min or more)
10 L/min and more
(approx. 2.64 gal/min or more)
Ammonia with oxygenated water 50~85℃
Hydrochloric acid with oxygenated water 50~85℃
Sulfuric acid with oxygenated water 50~140℃
Phosphoric acid 50~170℃ 10 L/min and more (approx. 2.64 gal/min or more)


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