Lens for 3CCD/4CCD line scan camera

Bluevision lens series for Line Scan cameras are designed to be suitable for 3CCD, 3CMOS or 4CCD prism based line scan cameras, considered the prism optics used in cameras.
1. Bluevision lens series standardizes the characteristics of longitudinal chromatic aberration so that Bluevision lenses with any focal length are focused on the same point of R, G and B channels.
2. Lateral chromatic aberration is also improved. The characteristics mentioned above provide a design to meet the characteristics of JAI prism based line scan cameras.
1. Longitudinal chromatic aberration is the variation of focal length depending on wave length, caused by dispersion of glasses used in lens and prism.
2. Lateral chromatic aberration is the variation of image size at the focal plane, caused by the same reason as longitudinal chromatic aberration, the dispersion of glasses used in lens and prism.

Lenses from Bluevision are designed the lenses to meet the characteristics of prism used in cameras. With
Marginal light transmission
Bluevison lens series is F2.8 for all and the marginal light transmission is more than 70%. That of 50mm and 105mm is more than 80%. The following drawing is for 50mm lens.
Wide spectral response
Bluevision lens series is extended to NIR(Near Infrared) wave length in order to apply newly developed JAI 4CCD series line scan cameras (LQ-200CL,LQ-100CL and LQ-50CL). He following drawing shows the data of 24mm.
Long exit pupil
Exit pupil is designed as long as possible. This is to make the incoming angle of the light at the peripheral area close to the parallel light and reduce the wave length shift happened from the center toward to peripheral area. If the wave length shift is occurred, the peripheral area will be colored even though the center is white.
Minimize Image distortion
Bluevision lenses are designed to have less image distortion
Mount options
Bluevision lenses have M52 mount in addition to popular Nikon F mount. As M52 mount is screw in type and the mechanical joint of lens and camera is much stronger. M52 mount can also use the spacer in order to shorten the working distance. However, it should be noted that the distortion and color aberration might be deteriorated. Therefore, it should be verified when you consider to use spacers.
  • Manufacturer: BlueVision
  • Camera type: 3CCD/4CCD line scan
  • Focal length: 24mm
  • Iris range: F2.8~F22
  • MOD: 0.3m
  • Mount: M52, F mount