SWIR QVGA camera

The BV-C2903 is a SWIR camera using a QVGA InGaAs sensor. The sensor to be used is 20 µm square pixel with the sensitivity from 950nm to 1700nm and has the built-in sensor.

Frame rate               226fps(max.)
S/N                      55dB
Synchronization     Internal/External trigger
Interface                   CameraLink/Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions              58 x 58 x 95 (W x H x D) mm
Weight                      570g (CL), 560g (GE)

  • Manufacturer: BlueVision
  • Format: 256 pixel
  • Frame Rate: 226 fps
  • Interface: Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet
  • Output: SWIR QVGA
  • Type: Industrial

Product Files