Single sensor SWIR camera C mount lens

These lenses are designed for a single sensor SWIR camera for both area and line scan cameras and 4 kinds of focal length are available.
Cameras equipped with the image size of less 15mm horizontally can be used with. As for Work Side reference data, please click here. 

BV-Lxxxx-SWIR-C  C mount lens series
Model Weight WS (Work Size) ( Reference value)
Magnification at M.O.D WS (mm) Camera used
(Image size) H:12.8mm
BV-L1028-SWIR-C 630 g x -0.1 130 BV-C2900
BV-L1035-SWIR-C 630 g x -0.128 100
BV-L1050-SWIR-C 410 g x -0.167 78
BV-L1105-SWIR-C 1110 g x -0.37 35

NOTE: C mount lenses are converted from M52 mount C mount using conversion adaptor which equips with the flange back compensation optics. They are available as one complete set and the adaptor itself is not available for sale.
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