Nikon Rayfact VF variable lens

High-performance lens covering a magnification range of –0.5x to –3.0x for appearance-inspection equipment
This lens alone covers the magnification range of -0.5x to 
With an image circle of φ64mm, this lens is applicable for high-resolution large line-sensor cameras.
Optical design suitable for 7μm×8K/5μm×12K line-sensor cameras.
Minimized performance fluctuations within the variable range.
Optimal performance is ensured for the whole variable-magnification range.
Variable aperture and F-number 4.
Equipped with an aperture lock screw and a focus lock screw.
Rotating mechanism of the mount frame allows to changing of the index position in accordance with the lens setting conditions.
Main specifications
Model Industrial-use variable lens Nikon Rayfact VF
Type L-OVM30093MN
Variable magnification range -0.5x ~ -3.0x
Magnification -0.5x -0.7x -1.0x -1.4x -2.0x -2.5x -3.0x
Focal distance 90mm(nominal value)
(by infinity conversion)
Standard waveform length 546.07nm(e-line)
Waveform length for use 400~700nm
Picture size
(image circle)
Object size 128.0mm 91.4mm 64.0mm 45.7mm 32.0mm 25.6mm 21.3mm
Aperture scale 4, 5, 6, 8(with aperture lock)
Working distance86 239.66mm 187.16mm 147.74mm 121.42mm 101.67mm 92.44mm 86.29mm
Mount M45(P=0.75)
Flange back 98.77mm 117.21mm 144.84mm 181.64mm 236.77mm 282.68mm 328.57mm
Dimensions φ58×67.5mm
Weight Approximately 430g
  • Manufacturer: Tochigi Nikon
  • Type: Industrial
  • Magnification range: -0.5x to -3.0x
  • Image size: φ64mm
  • Focal length: ~90mm
  • Wavelength: 400 to 700nm