Wide range line scan camera (Patent pending)

The BV-C3500 employs prism optics and disperses the incident light to visible light and SWIR area.
As the BV-C3500 inspects objects by both visible light and SWIR light, it is possible to discriminate scratches, dust or foreign articles which are difficult to check by only single light.
  Wavelength range: 400nm to 1,600 nm
  Sensor: Visible: 4K, 7μm /SWIR: 0.5K, 25μm
  Interface: Camera link, Base configuration
  Lens mount: M52 mount
  Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 95 (W x H x D)mm
  Weight: 820g
The following images are captured foreign articles contained in tea or green tea by visible light and SWIR light. The image on SWIR light discriminates obviously foreign articles.

Image by visible light                                                             Image by SWIR light
image capturing foreign parts in tea with visible light                                                    image capturing foreign parts in tea with SWIR light
  • Manufacturer: BlueVision
  • Format: 4096pixels/512pixels
  • Frame Rate: 80MHz/5MHz
  • Interface: Camera Link
  • Output: NIR capable
  • Type: Industrial

Product Files